April 24th 2004.

Dear all ........

The Happening at the Lyngby Shopping Mall is over, then came Easter and now my webmaster has finally returned from vacation,
which is why the pictures from the event have not been uploaded to my site before, buuuuuuuuuuut better late than never ....

So here is what happened ....

... my wonderful studio, which is located in the old barn on Attemosegaard, was packed by a whole crew of movers (almost 60 boxes)
and was moved to Lyngby Shopping Mall where it was rebuilt on a 130m2 area in the center square in the mall and without all
the sweet people (not least of all Maria and Torben from Lyngby Shopping Mall)who helped with the art and me - it would never
have been possible to pull of this happening "Love and Art".

But what really made the Happening a huge success and made it come alive and beautiful was all the many happy people that
visited the art and me. We had 3-400 people a day stop by and 1200 on the Saturday.

To all of you who gave such fantastic and emotional feedback in theform of short and long greetings, opinions on the art, stories
from your own lives, emotional outbursts (all expressed either verbally in my guestbook, with presents .... or even as tears over
the art's beautiful messages of Love and Happiness ............... The love and happiness which all creatures should have.

10,000 THANKS ! ! ! ... for writing, crying and for giving me all sorts of presents ( from poetry to flowers) - without you all it would
never have been such a unique and special week.

- A week which provided great and beautiful experiences each and every day............. thanks to all of you ............... and remember my studio
on Attemosegaard is always open to visit, but please call in advance.

Spring Flower Smiles from Lina

The Studio under construction ........... Click here for picture of the almost completed studio ....

Click here for picture of the almost completed studio ....