My studio in New York

One of my biggest dreams was to establish a studio in New York, the dream was driven by a huge need for freedom, which at that time could not be fulfilled in Denmark. To me it is incredibly important not to feel any limitations. By having the ability to go to New York and express myself artistically gave me the feeling of being a part of the world and not just Denmark... experiencing wholeness... the universe.

In the beginning of 2001 I established the studio on The West Bank of New York, at that time directly across from the World Trade Center.

I went to New York at the beginning of 2000 as I was invited by an American gallery to exhibit at the world's largest art exhibition, ArtExpo New York, and later at ArtExpo San Francisco by invite from a Dutch gallery. Since then I have been represented at ArtExpo New York every year and from 2003 I became part of the core team of artists represented by Gallerie Excel, Uptown NY.

New York is a place where I get enormously inspired from the energy that radiates from the city and the people that inhabit it, it feels like a country in the country where all strong energies and forces meet, it feels like drinking from a cup filled with the multiplicity of possibilities New York truly is a city of possibilities.